Hey check this out

  There is this web site called friv .There is 200 games alot of them are fun some not much. If you go on tell me what you think ok I want to know. I havent tried all the games. I personally  give the game site an 8. rate it from 1 to 10 no higher. have fun and dont  for get and a comment about the games.this is a couple of games i like disoridentation and draw play, harry the hampster and rag doll so check it out i hope you have as much fun as me.

Whats up?

hi i am samantha83 and i am into  talking on the phone ,visiting friends. Right now i am bilding a fort with my cusins. i like the song 3000 by jonas bothers and paper planes i dont know who that is by. i like the mist and clover field.  

This is cool i have never had a blog before.